Perk Up Your Child’s Morning

Jordans Breakfast Club provides children with sumptuous, healthy and filling breakfast meals. The club is open for children attending Jordans Infant School.  It can also be a great solution for early starts, catching your train or ferrying other siblings to different schools,  Knowing the children are happy to spend extra time with friends is great for them and piece of mind for you.

Even if there is no reason, you know the breakfast club will be a fun healthy start to your childs day!!

Joanna, the woman behind the concept, who is fully supported by the School's head teacher Mrs Bancroft currently runs breakfast club mainly by herself. However when needed she is lucky to have a very special person, Janet Whitehurst, who lends a helping hand. Breakfast club is conducive for learning and socialization.  There really is an educational element to breakfast club without the children realizing this. Joanna loves being hands-on to the needs of these children.  Joanna is also the Midday supervisor at Jordans Infant school.

Joanna believes that proper nourishment boosts a child’s mental ability and immune system. This is why she advocates breakfast as a really important meal for growing school children. She wants to remind you that children will learn better on a tummy that has had a  substantial breakfast.

A Place for Learning and Socialization

Aside from hosting a leisurely breakfast, Joanna lets these young children socialize and play with friends. Time will be allotted for outdoor play, storytelling, reading in a quiet corner and arts and crafts.

Expect a safe, caring and inclusive environment for your child here at Jordans Breakfast Club. Since your child is with a familiar face, entrusting him/her to Joanna’s care will be easier. Remember, a comfortable child is a happy child.